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Team of Accountants & GST Practitioners

We have developed a highly trained and experienced team of the Accountants and GST Practitioners to take care of your day to day compliance work. Most of our team consist of Semi-qualified Chartered Accountants and Company Secretary who is not only well trained but also well experienced. Every customer of us is assigned will be assigned with a dedicated GST Practitioner or Accountant for all his compliance.

Practising Chartered Accountants and Firms

Since few of the attestation functions can only be taken by Practicing Chartered Accountants we have tie-ups with various CA firms across India for this work, and they are well versed with our process and ethics. So there is no need to do multiple visits and paying considerable fees to Chartered Accountant in your city.

Team of Company Secretaries

Like a team of Chartered Accountant, we have an Inhouse and practising Company Secretary associated with us for providing the service in most professional manner. In case of larger organization we can also offer you a whole-time company secretary for the compliance work.

Team of Chartered Accountants

Every team of GST Practitioners and Accountants are lead by a Chartered Accountant well versed in that field. Further for large clients, we also offer a Chartered Accountants as a Virtual CFO who takes care of CFO service for growing startups.

Team of IT Professional

In order to maintain data security and use of technology, we have developed a team of IT professionals who continuously work in this area. The team makes sure that every small client if able to get their compliance work with minimum hindrance and burden.


Registration, Income tax and GST returns, and Accounting

Actually No !!

We will make your entity which is suitable for you. We dont just file your income tax, GST, or other returns but we will make sure you ate following legal compliance and make sure at a lesser cost.

We dont just make your accounting records but we make your financial data more reliable, which gives a true view of your business.

We are Legal Workmate !!

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