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Annual ROC Compliance

For Private Limited Company

Plans starting at just Rs 5000/- Yearly

What you get :

  • ROC Compliance
  • Board meeting compliance
  • AGM Compliance
  • Board Report Drafting

Why Choose Us?

Work Handled by Experienced Professionals

Trained experts & experienced professionals will take care of your ROC compliance that is further verified by an independent and qualified professional. So a strict concept of Maker and Checker is followed by us.

Most Competitive & Transparent rates

The package includes all the mandatory and essential ROC compliances at the most competitive rate. To compare you can provide the list of compliance, we have stated here to any other service provider and obtain a quotation for the same.

Legal Compliance Dashboard

We provide a Legal Compliance Dashboard that acts as your secretary for legal work and intimates you about the upcoming compliances. This dashboard will make sure that you do not miss any of the compliance and have to pay no penalties.


ROC Compliance ?

Every company registered in India is required to comply with the compliance stated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) and Registrar of Companies (ROC) for its smooth functioning. To maintain transparency and safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders, ROC has mandated certain compliances to be done by companies.

Such compliances are applicable from the date the company is registered and apply to all the types of the companies whether it is OPC Company, Private Limited, Section 8 company or Public Limited company. In case if the company fails to comply with the same, then the government may levy various penalties and fines as given under the Companies Act and notified by MCA on company and directors.

To avoid hefty penalties, Companies and their directors are required to comply with the same on or before the due date of compliance. Legal workmate is an organization with various chartered accountant and company secretary working under experts and we can help you with carrying out all this compliance without any hassle.

Documents required for various Forms

  • AGM/ Board Resolution for Appointment of Auditor.

  • Copy of Intimation for appointment sent by board.

  • Auditor’s written concern given at the time of appointment.

  • Board resolution stating that the signing person is authorized to do the same.

  • Details of the Auditor.

  • Audited financial Statements and Auditors Report.

  • Board of director’s report.

  • MRL signed by all the directors stating the date of Board Meetings and AGM with dates.

  • ADT 1 Filled copy and its SRN.

  • Details related to principal product or service.

  • Details of related party transactions.

  • Notice for AGM (21 Days Prior notice) and AGM resolutions detail.

  • Principal Business Activity of the Company.

  • Audited Financial and Board Report of the company.

  • Details about the Promoters, KMP and Directors from the start of the year to End of the year.

  • Share Holding pattern of Directors, Promoters and KMP during the year (Along with Share certificate copy).

  • Declaration of Board Meetings and Attendance signed by all the directors and stamped.

  • Remuneration details of Directors and KMP.

  • Details of Micro and Small Enterprise o/s Payments from last 45 Days.

  • Address of the registered office of the company with Longitude and Latitude.

  • Email ID of the company for OTP.

  • Details of Director with DIN.

  • ADT 1 Copy.

  • Details of MD, CEO or WTD.

  • Previous AOC 4 and MGT 7 SRN.

  • Photo of external building AND Internal Building with director attaching the signature.

  • DSC of 2 Directors.

  • Latest Light Bill of the premises with Rent Agreement if on rent.

  • Audited Balance sheet.

  • Auditors Certificate.

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